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Anti-Racism & Anti-Discrimination Policy

We recognise that discrimination against black and other minority groups is still happening today. DEM Productions aims to work with and nurture talent representing all the intersectional diversity of the UK, and are committed to being an anti-racist and anti-discriminative company, where representation is an essential part of every project we produce.


  • Our #PullUpOrShutUp report findings showed us that we have huge improvements to make in ensuring representation within the creative and backstage teams we employ on productions and projects. An immediate commitment we can make during the Covid-19 pandemic is to meet with UK theatre creatives representing as much intersectional diversity across race, class, ethnic identity, disability, sexuality, and gender-identity as possible, so that when we are building creative teams in the future we are well-placed to ensure representation.

  • In the future we hope to grow the DEM Productions team and we will ensure that any recruitment processes we use are open and accessible to all, and we will actively encourage applications from those who are underrepresented in the industry and within our own team.

  • We have and will continue to share learning resources within the DEM Productions team in order to educate ourselves on anti-racism and anti-discrimination on an ongoing basis.

  • We will use our public channels to speak out against racism and discrimination, both more widely and specifically within the theatre industry.

  • All DEM employees are expected to work within these policies, and are encouraged to take responsibility for furthering them.

  • We will ensure that all freelancers we work with are aware of our anti-racism and anti-discrimination policy.

  • We will regularly review this policy and measure how effectively we are working to it during all-team meetings.

This policy will update and evolve as our learning and understanding of what it means to be an actively anti-racist and anti-discriminitive company evolves.


We welcome any questions or suggestions.

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