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ABRCD web shot.jpg

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Berlin. 1932. A group of artists and communists throw a decadent party to celebrate the coming new year. But as the country succumbs to the seduction of Nazism they are forced to choose between integrity and survival.



Shocking and provocative, the play caused a sensation when it was first performed. From Pulitzer-prize winning playwright Tony Kushner, A Bright Room Called Day examines the darkest reaches of the human heart.


Off West End Awards 2014: Nominated for Best Director & Best Actress


“Thrilling... it fizzes with freewheeling theatrical imagination... A quirky vitality and feverish intensity [...] seize[d] to galvanising effect.”

The Times



“Provocative... frighteningly poignant... powerfully sustained.”



“Beautifully measured... Absolutely compelling.”

Time Out



“London’s bourgeois theatre scene just can’t handle this radical play and this energetic and thoughtful production with so many stand out performances and moments. “


“An impressive cast... Keeps the audience gripped.”

A Younger Theatre



"a fierce contribution to politically themed theatre. Top quality performances all round"

The Public Reviews 



“A powerfully moving play... All emotions are explored to create a truly dramatic piece of theatre.”

Thoughtful Theatre


“[This] pitch perfect production brims with talent. Terrific.”



“A hugely enthralling and enjoyable play... stabbing at the hearts of the audience... it warrants performances across Britain.” 

Socialist Worker


Rosa Malek/Die Alte - Elizabeth Andrewartha

Baz - Charlie Archer

Paulinka - Laura Hanna

Traum/Herr Sweets - Jonathan Leinmuller

Husz - Ethan Holmes

Gotchling - Holly Morgan

Zillah - Charlotte Jacobs

Agnes - Alana Ramsey



Sebastian Harcombe


Set Designer

Olivia du Monceau


Lighting Designer

Matthew Haskins


Jessica Campbell & Ramin Sabi


Stage Manager

Rhian Kennedy

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