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Clickbait Website Image

Clickbait Website Image

CB Tech ┬® Jack Sain 2016-29
CB Tech ┬® Jack Sain 2016-8
CB Tech ┬® Jack Sain 2016-85
CB Tech ┬® Jack Sain 2016-37
CB Tech ┬® Jack Sain 2016-78
CB Tech ┬® Jack Sain 2016-215
CB Tech ┬® Jack Sain 2016-177
CB Tech ┬® Jack Sain 2016-66


Nicola Barker is in trouble. A video has been made, and she is the unwitting star. In a bid to stop the footage being used against her, Nicola makes a snap decision: to post it online herself.


What started as a drunken night in a dirty club ends with a unique business opportunity for Nicola and her two sisters, changing the meaning of ‘amateur porn’ forever. But where there is demand, there must be supply, and as the line between empowerment and exploitation becomes blurred, public opinion begins to turn against the trio.


A darkly comic new play from the writer/director team behind A First World Problem, this is a blistering study of our attitudes to porn, and the women who make it for themselves.


★★★★★   Everything Theatre  "UNMISSABLE"                      

★★★★      Female Arts               "FEARLESS”  

★★★★      Reiewsgate                “SHARP”

★★★★      The Upcoming          "UNNERVING"                     


"Smart and challenging an impressive new play"

Victoria Sadler


"Thomas’s writing has a raw vitality...both entertaining and sometimes disturbing — a good combination in contemporary new writing."

Aleks Sierz



"Both funny and uncomfortable to watch in equal measure...Clickbait never attempts to answer its central questions. In fact as with all good theatre it leaves you with a head full of questions...A perfect end to a fantastic play."

Everything Theatre



"Bold and unnerving...this piece hits hard and is sure to divide opinion."

The Upcoming



"Race Roughan produces a production to match Thomas’s caustic world view...the cast flesh out Thomas’s characters with unnerving conviction and honesty. A bumpy but hugely important ride."

Carole Woddis, Reviewsgate



Georgia Groome - Nicola

Alice Hewkin - Chloe

Amy Dunn - Gina

Barney White - Adam/Promoter

Emma D'arcy - Kat



Holly Race Roughan


Lighting Design

Matthew Swithinbank


Movement Director

Katie Payne


Production Manager

James Ashby


Costume Assistant

Isobel Pellow


Associate Producer

Ceri Lothian


Frankie Bradshaw


Sound Design

Max Perryment


Stage Manager

Rike Berg


Associate Director

Thomas Bailey



Jessica Campbell & Ramin Sabi

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