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Neo has been sent to an island miles away from the Trojan War. His mission is to trick the castaway who lives on the island into coming back to the fight.  Neo doesn’t like lying but is tempted by the prospect of glory: if he wants to grow up, he has to get his hands dirty.



The castaway was dumped on the island ten years before because the stench of his wounded foot disgusted his friends. Life has been terrible for the castaway, with only his stinking foot for company. It gets a lot worse when Neo turns up.


Staged in a pool of treacle, this bold and messy retelling of Sophocles’ Philoctetes is adapted and directed by Jeff James (One for the Road/Victoria Station, Young Vic) and designed by Alex Lowde (Body of an American, Gate Theatre).


Joshua Miles - Neo

Daniel Millar - Philoctetes

Rosie Thompson - Odysseus



Jeff James


Lighting Design

Hansjorg Schmidt


Stage Manager

Maeve Bolger


Assistant Director

Jasmine Woodcock-Stewart



Jessica Campbell


Alex Lowde


Sound Design

Jon McLeod


Design Assistant

Maja Dobling


Executive Producer

for D.E.M Productions

Ramin Sabi


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