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"At school, she read an article that said women in their 28th year are in their prime. At 28, women are at their most confident, they feel like the sexiest version of themselves to date, but it is here that they also become most aware of their biological clocks tick-tick-ticking away."

The year is 2021, and the world still doesn't know what to do with those of us who have decided not to reproduce. A 28-year-old actress has made a discovery, and decides to process it the best way she knows how - by getting into character to tell a story of what could have been.

An exploration of form as well as theme, twenty-eight uses the live process of creating a play to dissect decisions and ideas about womanhood, relationships, and the pressures women face about wanting to be, or not wanting to be, a Mother.

twenty-eight, a new play about loss, Mothers and Motherhood written and performed by Alexandra Donnachie (3 Years, 1 Week and a Lemon Drizzle; When We Died - Bruntwood Prize Longlist), directed by Jessica Lazar (Carol Tambor Best of Edinburgh Award Winner with Atticist Theatre; Clean Break Award Nominee).



Writer and Performer - Alexandra Donnachie

Director - Jessica Lazar

Associate Director - Charlotte Vickers

Design and Props Supervisor - Kirsty Harris

Lighting Designer - Holly Ellis

Sound Designer - Keri Chesser

Associate Lighting Designer - Murong Li


Company Stage Manager - Abbii Clark

Production Intern - Elvira Parr

Producer and General Manager - Emily Lunnon

Associate Producer - Abbii Clark

Executive Producer - Ramin Sabi

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