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Submission for scripts


DEM productions are committed to developing and creating new work and have roughly 10-20 projects in development at one time. We are a company with no subsidy and as such have no development obligations – all our work needs to have commercial potential, but we understand that this can come from anywhere. We aim to work with diverse talent and ideas, but we also have specific artistic preferences, so not everything is to our taste. If you have discussed your script or idea with someone from the company, or have worked with us previously, then please contact


Our team is small and time is limited so ability to see shows and workshops is constrained and we are unlikely to read unsolicited scripts. However, as a company we like to be involved in the creative process, often before writing even begins. If you would like to still contact us and have an idea you would like to pitch, please fill out the below form. If we are interested in seeing more materials we will be in touch. 

Submit your script or proposal

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch if we'd like to discuss further.

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