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On a beautiful spring evening – when both moons are full – two teenagers vow eternal love. It is a moment that will have cataclysmic consequences. Not just for them, but for the world on which they live. A world where Prom Night is a matter of life or death, where weapons are grown and trained like pets, and where a chosen few are hearing a voice. A voice that speaks of… Karagula.

Philip Ridley’s Karagula is a world premiere of epic proportions. Emerging company PIGDOG brings this extraordinary, form-shattering play to life. Written in fractured timescale, Karagula explores our constant need to find meaning. To believe we’re here for a reason. To have faith in something. Faith in… anything.


★★★★      West End Wilma       "DAZZLING'                     

★★★★      The Arts Desk            "EXHILARATING'  

★★★★      Grumpy Gay Critic     'ASTONISHING'

★★★★      TheatreBubble           'INCREDIBLE'

★★★★      TheatreNews              'CORAGEOUS'



Best Supporting Male (Obi Abili), Best Supporting Female (Lynette Clarke), Best Costume Design, Best Lighting Design, Best Sound Design, Best Director, Best New Play, Best Production     


"Taut, tense and terrifying...You will never look at milkshakes in the same way again'

The Times

'crazy, chilling, clever and astonishingly ambitious...There is nothing else like it on the London stage'

Financial Times

'the only word fit to describe it would be "epic"…well and truly out of this world'

Huffington Post

'Karagula hums with ambition, it vibrates with it...Max Barton’s direction shows a brilliant fluency of styles, its texture and inventiveness a solid match for the scale and variety of Ridley’s writing'

The Stage


'totally absorbing and intensely nothing else you’re likely to see.#1 in Stage Tips

The Arts Desk


'vivid fantastical adventure...completely compelling'

West End Wilma


'Brutal, bombastic and epic beast of unquestioning modern relevance...A contemporary fairy-tale so ambitious, astonishing, and completely crushing, you’ll never want to see another milkshake as long as you live'

Grumpy Gay Critic


'jaw-droppingly ambitious...dangerous and courageous...Max Barton has used every inch of theatrical ingenuity'

Chloe Billington, Theatre News

'Epic and Ambitious...dynamism that matches the energy of the fast-moving script'

Catherine Love, Exeunt

'The world of Karagula is completely convincing, and with director Max Barton and designer Shawn Soh, brilliantly realised.'

The BIG Issue


'Unlike anything else in London at the moment'

Tom Wicker, Time Out


Obi Abili - Jerry and others

Emily Burnett - My Only Girl and others

Emily Forbes - Libby and others

Caroline Parker - Jagriti and others

Tony Bell - Teacher and others

Lynette Clarke - Nettie and others

Lanre Malaolu - Mitch and others

Theo Solomon - Dean and others

Charmaine Wombwell - Skaterboy and others



Philip Ridley


Shawn Soh


Lighting Design

Ric Mountjoy


Costume Supervisor

Kitty Hawkins


Production Manager

Sam Clear


Assistant Costume Supervisor

Flora Moyes


Assistant Stage Manager

Ash Mochan

Associate Producer

Ceri Lothian


Max Barton



Frankie Bradshaw

Sound Design

Jethro Cooke

Stage Manager

Demelza Fry

Assistant Director

Danielle McIlven


Co-Assistant Costume Supervisor

Mia Michelino


Ramin Sabi

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