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Young Harvard professor John Rawls needs a grand theory to set his philosophy students on the right path to politics. When physicists accidentally open a Time Vortex, this presents the perfect opportunity for Rawls to gain inspiration from the great philosophers of the past: Plato and his ventriloquist doll Socrates, the rap-battling gangs of John Locke and Thomas Hobbes, revolutionary rocker Jean-Jacques Roussseau, a barbershop quartet of Utilitarians, and many more.


As he pursues the bright and tenacious student Fairness through history, he must escape the evil designs of his libertarian arch-nemesis, Robert Nozick, and the objectivist seductress Ayn Rand. Will Rawls achieve his goal of defining Justice as Fairness?


A Theory of Justice: the Musical premiered at Oxford University in 2013 where it broke box office records before transferring to the  Edinburgh Fringe that year, where it received the endorsement of John Rawls' own daughter, Liz, who described it as "perfect", A revised version of the show received a semi-staged workshop in London's Arts Theatre in the West End with a stellar cast directed by the award-winning Josh Seymour. An album was recorded with this cast, released in 2019. The show is now available for professional and amateur licensing around the world.


Nominated for MTN WhatsOnStage Best Musical Award



★★★★  “A humorous and enlightening musical… ambitious and brave” Broadway Baby

★★★★ "Even if you don’t know your Russell from your Rousseau, A Theory of Justice is easy to understand…Brilliantly executed" Oxford Tab

★★★★ “A truly bold production, ‘A Theory of Justice’ melds exuberant song and comedic gold with legitimate intellectual heft… Supremely funny… strong performances, artful lyrics and dialogue, and toe-tappingly marvellous music” Oxford Theatre Review

★★★★ “Frolicsome… delightfully camp” Three Weeks Edinburgh

“Bizarre, brave, deranged, intelligent, creative and ever-so-slightly magnificent musical” FringeGuru

“It may have a great life in the USA university circuit”

Musical Theatre Review

“Brilliant: hilarious, witty and profound” Virtual Philosopher

“[It] had me laughing until the tears streamed down my face and my cheeks were aching… Utterly hilarious!” The Philosophers’ Magazine

“A splendid job… this show needs to go to bigger theatres!” Philosophy Now Magazine

"The show was amazing and witty. So much fun to see my dad as such a thoughtful humanitarian, wanting to change the world... A Theory of Justice: the Musical far surpassed any expectations. Wouldn't have missed it for the world! Thanks so much for the show. It was perfect!!" Elizabeth Rawls (John's daughter)

If you wish to perform A Theory of Justice The Musical at your university, society or school please click here to complete this form.



Book, Music & Lyrics

Eylon Levy, Ramin Sabi

& Tommy Peto

Additional Music,

Arrangments & Orchestration

Toby Huelin

Additional Orchestrations

Martin Higgins


Ben Ferguson


Paul Saunders

Keyboard II

Ashley Jacobs


Tristan Butler


Gareth Lieske


Jack Cherry


Josh Seymour

Musical Direction

Ben Ferguson


Chi-San Howard


Ramin Sabi

General Manager

Ceri Lothian with Abbii Clark for

D.E.M. Productions

Stage Manager

Ellie Muscutt


Autograph and Kyle Sepede


Lighting Programmer

Tom Davis

Venue Technical Management

David Warwick

A Theory of Justice was first performed at the Keble O'Reilly Theatre, Oxford then C Venues, Edinburgh directed by Esme Hicks, choreographed by Dana Mills with cast: Ollie Nicholls, Rosalind Isaacs, Luke Rollason, Clare Joyce, Sam Ereira, Jacob Page, Alex Stutt, Andy Laithwaite, James Skinner, Henry Zeffman, Claudia Freemantle, Jennifer Nice, Crash Wigley, John Hintze, Alex Wickens, Lucy Fielding and Claire Parry. 


Matthew Seadon-Young

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Adrian Grove


Anna Soden

Alex Young.jpg

Alex Young

Adam Rhys-Charles.jpg

Adam Rhys-Charles


Seyi Omooba

Dominic Hodson.jpg

Dominic Hodson

Emily Langham.jpg

Emily Langham

Connor Bannister

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Jeremy Batt.jpg

Jeremy Batt

Joanne Maroun

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