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Over the next couple of weeks, we’re very excited to be workshopping a new play, Blame, written and directed by Max Barton, one half of PIGDOG productions. We last worked with PIGDOG on KARAGULA and Piranha Heights. We've got great hopes for this next project!

On Monday morning, we arrived at the rehearsal space in Central St Martins near King’s Cross for a read through of the script with the cast and creatives. Max welcomed everyone as we sat in a circle with the actors and also students from Central St Martins, then we started the read through. The play explores the complexities of nature vs. nurture - what happens when things go wrong in the brain, and poses the question, are we ultimately responsible for our own actions?

In a market where many plays have addressed the issues of the brain, Blame presents the problem in a gripping and thought-provoking format: a court case.

The “play within play” storyline and the use of verbatim shows the characters struggle with their thoughts and emotions. This presents the actors with an interesting challenge! We’re looking forward to seeing how they rehearse and stage it over the coming week...

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