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We returned to the Blame workshop after a couple of days and it seems to be developing brilliantly. Max started the day with a group warm up. The physicality and energy the actors put into the warm up first thing in the morning was extraordinary. We were out of breath just from watching them! What seemed like an ordinary drama exercise to begin with soon became a way for the actors to explore some of the feelings within the play.

By the time they sat down to work at the script, the energy from the group exercise had worked its magic. The actors fired ideas around the table, helping each other with their understanding of the script and the characters. In the warm up, they were asked to feed off one another as they moved; the reading followed on from this, with words and emotions bouncing off one another’s in a witty and playful interaction alongside more raw, painful moments.

As the actors naturally started to add movements and staging, we started to visualise what the play might look like. The script is coming alive. Watch this space…

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